The team of James Buckley and Ed Petersen represents the finest caliber of investigative and security expertise in the field. Together, their storied careers in law enforcement and the private sector combine over 70 years of experience and success in high profile assignments across the U.S. and the international arena, including prominent roles with professional sports security and integrity responsibilities.

Together, they have constructed a broad and responsive global network of skilled, experienced specialists. Their focus is on helping corporations and organizations succeed by providing progressive and innovative solutions requiring security, investigative, analytical and advisory strategies.

Mr. Buckley and Mr. Petersen are respected for embodying the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity, making them uniquely effective in advancing their clients' long term well-being through ongoing communication, education and training.

Trusted friends and partners, Mr. Buckley and Mr. Petersen are known for building powerful, lasting relationships with the people they serve. They welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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