1. We have not had any problems at our facility, so why should we have a threat vulnerabilty assessment conducted?

It is important to identify any weaknesses and potential liabilities that could negatively impact the safety and security of the facility. The assessment process can also validate positive steps that have been implemented by your company.

2. How much will a threat vulnerability assessment cost?

Buckley Petersen Global is keenly aware and sensitive to budgetary restraints that Clients face. We work closely with each Client to ensure that a quality assessment is done at an affordable price.

3. What kind of recommendations will be made and how will they impact on our company?

We carefully review each and every recommendation to ensure that they are logical, prudent and cost effective in keeping with the culture and policies of the company.

4. How long does a threat vulnerability take to complete, and will it be disruptive to our employees and daily operations?

Depending on the size of the facility and scope of the assessment process, a determination can be made at the time of preliminary site review. Every effort is made to complete this process in the most expeditious and thorough manner without compromising the daily operations of the company.

5. How will the information gathered during the assessment be delivered to the Client?

Buckley Petersen Global is very well known by their Clients as providing timely, professional and thorough reports.

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