Physical Surveillance

The implementation of this measure depends on the nature of the matter and is usually presented as a last measure due to potential limitations such as cost, manpower, or length of surveillance needed to gather needed documentation. Due to variables such as traffic patterns, routes traveled, countersurveillance, time of day and location, it is not unusual to employ more than one investigator to conduct a surveillance, which can be stationary or mobile. BPG has a proven record of success when it comes to conducting surveillance.

Luminosity Studies

BPG performs independent luminosity studies at corporate sites, facilities, schools, parking areas, etc., to determine whether lighting needs to be increased (or is sufficient according to the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) guidelines) or if dark and shadowy areas are potentially vulnerable to vandalism or other criminal acts due to lack of proper illumination.

Media Research

Do you have a need to know more about a potential business affiliate or a company whith whom you plan to conduct business? BPG has extensive databases that can search hundreds of news media sources for news published about your subject.

Database Research

Trying to locate an individual or business to determine possible derogatory information such as bad business practices, liens, judgments, or lawsuits? BPG can assist you in this search. With far reaching sources and databases, important information about an individual or business can be obtained, for legal reasons, through public records. Do you have the time and ability to conduct this type of research? Are you licensed to subscribe to the many databases that provide such information? If not, BPG may be able to help.

Employment Termination

BPG is experienced in assisting corporations in the employee termination process. These situations can be very trying and can often lead to false claims of impropriety on behalf of the terminated employee. BPG is there to lend its expertise in this endeavor and to assist the Client in the prompt and proper return of company property.

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