Smiling at the CEO's desk, no one detects a thing.

And the potted plant in the corporate boardroom? Not a clue.

Meanwhile, like termites eating away at the foundation of a house, trade secrets, private conversations, ideas and strategies are invisibly heading out the door and destroying the company from within.

No one sees it happening, and no one realizes anything until the walls have crumbled.

How can you be sure you're not the next victim of corporate espionage?

Buckley Petersen Global can be your eyes and ears.

Take advantage of our experience in conducting electronic countermeasure sweeps and surveillance at the most sensitive levels.

Privately gain access to the most advanced technologies and methodologies available today, and the most qualified people in the business.

There's no need to stand by and wonder, while events continue to develop around you.

Take action today. Call Buckley Petersen Global.

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