In the aftermath of a crisis, some will be looked upon as heroes whose preparedness saved lives.

Others will be forever remembered for their neglect.

Decisions on how and where to funnel critical resources to protect cities are in the hands of a relative few. The first decision, however, is whether to invest properly in gathering the highest level information and analysis available.

Only then can decision makers clearly understand how vulnerable the city is to attack, what the specific threats are to key infrastructure sites, how seamlessly first responders are coordinated, and how in sync the city is with state and federal homeland security plans.

Buckley Petersen Global has served as major city Homeland Security advisors, helping determine strategy for sites such as sea ports, airports, petrochemical plants, large financial districts and medical centers.

We have also coordinated with the Office of Domestic Preparedness on security initiatives, program development, grant appropriations, regional response, and target hardening strategies.

If your city still needs to get serious about Homeland Security, the time has come to act.

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